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    The clean solution

    Bar dishwasher UPster ® U

    An UPster ® bar dishwasher delivers all the MEIKO benefits: clean dishes, glasses and large washware – optimum results achieved through optimal efficiency.
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    The 400 x 400 mm basket dimensions ensure that the bar glass washer fits into the smallest corner – under the counter, in the sink area or wherever it's needed. It can process 30 baskets per hour, and with a entry height of 300 mm, the UPster U 400 is also suitable for washing large wheat beer glasses.
    The clearly-arranged display and simple click symbols make the UPster U400 easy to operate. Constructed to high quality and with double-wall insulation, this bar glass washer offers optimum thermal insulation and minimum energy consumption. Convenient self cleaning programme, soft start for very gentle washing and 3 programme running times make the UPster U 400 an economic miracle for clean washing - under the worktop, hook-up and enjoy the sparkling results!
    The UPster U 400 dish and glass washer is the perfect introduction to the world of professional dishwashing technology - cleaner, faster, more cost-effective.



    The UPster U 500 commercial dishwashing machine is not only delivered as quickly, installed as quickly and operated as quickly as the ""small option"" from the UPster range, the UPster U 400, it also copes exceptionally well with large wash ware. The basket dimensions of 500 x 500 mm makes this commercial dishwashing machine receptive to anything that needs washing. Three programme running times for a broad repertoire. The only minor aspect of this commercial glasswasher are its consumption values. With an output of up to 30 baskets per hour and the best cleaning results in its class, the UPster U 500 is the commercial dishwashing machine for dynamic companies with a sense of quality.
    The UPster U 500 dazzles not only through the simplest operation, through clearly arranged and readily understandable symbols, as well as intelligent electronics, but also with its entry height of 320 mm, which makes it also suitable for large plates and trays. Hygiene safety is also guaranteed. The UPster U 500 commercial glasswasher also has digital displays of wash and final rinse temperatures. Quicker, cleaner, more cost-effective.

    Everything on the counter that needs cleaning  – it all easily fits. The UPster® U 500 G leaves cups, dishes and silverware spotless and gleaming. The 315 mm entry height and spacious wash chamber of this very compact machine means there's still enough space for tall beer glasses and trays. Thank to the top wash system no corner remains dry. Despite so much power, the UPster ® U 500 G is still super gentle on delicate washware. The soft start means cocktail glasses and long-stemmed wine glasses get brilliantly clean without any damage. The simple operation with 3 program cycle times and a host of convenient features, such as the self-cleaning program or GiO MODULE, ensure hygienic and unbeatably clean results.


    * If the appliance is connected to the cold water supply and / or at a short rack exchange time, the time necessary to reach hygienic rinsing temperatures can be extended.
    Product ranges and designs vary – due to legal regulations – from country to country. Please ask your local contractor. He will be glad to help you find a machine ideally suited to your needs.

    Version: 03.2018. We reserve the right to make changes as part of product improvements